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The Muscle Repair Shop

The Muscle Repair ShopThe Muscle Repair Shop is a fairly complex site regarding functionality. To begin with, there is a lot of content on the site that is ‘protected’, meaning that only paying members can access it. Membership is managed through a plugin called WishList Member and PayPal. Protected content includes over 100 instructional videos that are hosted on Amazon S3 and selected blog posts. An important point to note is that not only is the content protected from non-members, once the members do have access to the videos, they can’t download them. That’s because of the use of S3 FlowShield, a plugin that generates a temporary URL from the Amazon S3 servers that expires shortly after the video is displayed on the site, thereby disabling the ‘right click trick’ of downloading the video! Another cool feature of Butch’s website is the ability to schedule appointments with him for stretching or massage, right thru his site. With the integration of Schedulicity, you can see Butch’s open schedule and book an appointment online. Schedulicity also has an API that we used to put the online scheduler on his Facebook Business Page! Other features on this site include a shopping cart for health and wellness products that The Muscle Repair Shop sells along with an autoresponder (AWeber) that captures names and email addresses and populates his autoresponder right from his website.