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Riskwatch International

Riskwatch InternationalRiskwatch International is a company based in Sarasota, FL with about 5 employees. They needed a new, fresh look for their website and also wanted to incorporate some additional functionality into their site. At Rapid Web Design, we were able to help them out. The website sports a clean, professional look, and there are some cool features ‘under the hood’. For starters, on the home page we manage the WordPress Loop and only bring back Posts which match the category of White Papers, Success Stories, Latest News & Our Products and display them in the row of 4 widgets. Sprinkled throughout the Product pages you will see clever use of an accordion, saving valuable real estate. And finally, we used Gravity Forms to protect some content and allow users to email the URL of the page they are on to a friend. This is helpful to Riskwatch because of the nature of their business. They provide risk assessment software to industries that in many cases are required by the government to implement risk assessment programs. Often times, employees will find information about a certain company and/or product and want to share it with their peers. All they have to do is click the ‘Email This Page’ button and then type in the address of who to send it to, and we take care of the rest. The URL of the page they were on when they click the button is placed in the body of the email and delivered within seconds. Riskwatch has gotten a number of leads from this technique.